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Thinking Spaces is a RealEstate Marketing, Franchising & Financial solution company that employs its depth of knowledge and resources linked with multi-functional expertise across all sectors for geological reach on a global level.



Years of Experience

The company was founded by Mr.Pinkesh Kamwani in 2011 as a Real estate consultancy in marketing & Selling Non-Agricultural Plots. The company also provides data from their Land banks; & impeccable consultancy on acquisition of lands for projects in Nashik, Sinner, Igatpuri and other places in Nashik district

We have oft debated the idea in our small cave in Nashik and it turns out that if it really came down to defining this seemingly-inconspicuous dream; we would have to use two name plates - BrickSmiths and Property-Chefs.

Because no matter which way you tilt this prism, what we hold in our eyes and on our tables is the unprecedented and unparalleled ability to spin a small ingredient into staggering cordon-bleu reality.

Our radius travels 360 degrees – from affordable weekend homes, residential NA Plots to a buffet of options for private investors, homeowners, major developers and other investors and of course - dependable consultancy for all stages of property curves and portfolios.

The idea is to listen first and advise later; and that is what makes our consultancy services to people looking to purchase, sell, rent or lease properties - a class apart. For instance, founder and real estate maven, Pinkesh Kamwani could be found as easily explaining an esoteric blueprint to a niche investor besides his sleek baby Harley as frequently as he can be spotted effortlessly trundling with his sturdy sneakers on umpteen site-visits till the small house-seeker finds a perfect groove. No matter how small or insignificant your meeting or deal, count on him to remember your name in a big cocktail party years later. His strong métier and a rich network of friends and delighted patrons (ex-clients and future Golf partners) in this space can be distilled into one word – REAL.

May be you are tired of being brochure-bombed by those cliché developer sales guys already? May be no one has been able to understand what is your unique, personal need when you think of investing somewhere? May be you are a common man who can still stand firm on a very-crowded ground and refuse to be intimidated by the uber-rich when it comes to building your own heart right here? May be you are exasperated of being a back-burner priority inside those tall glass facades all this while despite investing almost-everything you had and have been helplessly wishing for someone to give you ‘real’ attention?

Change these ‘may be-s’ into ‘for sure’ and allow us a chance to escort you into the world where old moulds can be shattered and cookie-cutters are thrown away. You were born exclusively so why your real estate investments or dreams should be shepherded into an impersonal flock? Break away and let these chefs whip and brew your silent hopes into resonant realities.

It’s time you realized the irony – The Titanic was built by the world's-best professionals but Noah’s Ark was crafted by - well, let’s face it - complete amateurs.

We are proud to be amateurs. We exert more. We go that extra mile. Join the right ship! Now!

Disclaimer: (The only thing we won’t help you around your new nests is – curtains. Incompetence confessed and regretted. Choose a shade at your own riskJ)

Turtles know the road better than hares

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