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This tiny kitchen that we run spawned two years back when our core team dreamt to fill the yawning gap that real estate market endures even today in India. While the industry has grown by leaps and bounds to unimaginable skylines, there is ironically, no room for the folks at the ground level. Amidst all the brouhaha of big deals and grand projects, the tiny hopes of a layman barely whisper across the value chain of real estate. The market needs a well-wielded recipe to serve something palatable (and not so stale or vanilla) for the small-league too.So we decided to take matters into our hands, literally (yes, we don’t mind holding the shovels too, metaphorically or otherwise) and nurtured this small cocoon where a normal citizen’s dream can be woven smoothly into the elegant real estate story of India.Do we bring a glossy legacy, an enviable lineage, a powerful surname? Nah!

But does our endeavour have that taken-for-granted skillet in the kitchen? Yes, values- is what we usually call them.




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