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A Preleased (Pre-rented) property is a property on sale, one which has already been given on lease to a tenant/ lessee and is deriving a monthly rent. The buyer of a preleased property is ensured of fixed ROI (Returns On Investment) from day one, in the form of rental yield, as the Lease deed is also transferred to their name.


A pre-leased investment assures you of a 'zero' waiting period for the ROI (Returns on Investment) to commence.Preleased investment options provide not only a fixed rental income and good yield, but also capital appreciation over a period of time.Given the current real estate trends, Individual and Institutional Investors prefer to purchase ready-to-run commercial Preleased / Pre-rented real estate assets over unrented commercial properties.

Financial Institutions extend loans to a tune of 90% of the cost of the property using the 'Future Rental Discount' tool, as an instrument to facilitate a faster and seamless buying process. HNIs and UHNIs definitely prefer investing their corpus in justified pre-leased properties as they ensure a shorter processing time. The tenant company having done the due diligence with respect to the title and hence with all relevant information being readily made available for perusal.



There are a number of parameters which play a vital role in establishing the attractiveness of a pre-rented property.

LOCATION: Location, Location, Location.

The three famous, repeated words which are foremost in every realtor and buyer's mind. If the property is situated in an already well developed and prime CBD, it is understood that all amenities and distances are ideal and convenient. The rental yield will be high and will attract premium quality tenants who will occupy these premises.If the premise is located in a developing suburbia or extension which has a blueprint of excellent infrastructural development in the forthcoming years, the rental yields may not match that of a property in a prime location, but you can rest assured that the capital appreciation will more than make up for it.

QUALITY and GRADE of building, along with the affiliated infrastructural amenities: The quality of the building is another very vital parameter. Good quality of design and construction are key factors which aid in capital appreciation. A real estate asset of high quality will be helped by excellent maintenance and additional amenities with reference to parking, cafeterias, power back-up and transport facilities.

The Brand Value of the Lessee/Tenant and the terms of the Lease: The standing of the Lessee and their reputation in the market place influence the buyers' decision to invest in the said property. The terms of the lease, with reference to the duration of the lease, the lock-in term, the Refundable security deposit amount, the periodic enhancement in the License Fee ( Rent), the outflow/expenses of corporation taxes, the maintenance charges, the service tax etc will fine tune the net ROI yielded by the property.

Current Trends: Commercial Preleased Property Investment options provide an ROI ( Return on Investment) ranging from 6% to 12% in today's market. The various categories being Retail, Showrooms for High-End Brands located on High Street, Offices, Banks, Hospitality, meaning restaurants, hotels and resorts, malls, industrial, IT and ITES, and SEZ.

Residential Preleased Properties : Our Residential Preleased holds a very exclusive portfolio of residential bungalows, apartments, duplex flats and condominiums which are let out to the crème-de-le crème of the corporate world. These beautiful properties by virtue being Ultra-Luxe and occupation by a select few, command return than non-premium residential properties. The rental yield on residential preleased properties is approximately between 4 to 6%.


Thinking Spaces is not a paid listing platform, but an 'By Invitation Only' platform, where sellers, buyers and top real estate real estate professionals from the major cities in India, who specialize in preleased property transactions, make available their available listings and requirements. Thinking Spaces is India's premium platform for preleased property consultants.

Whether you are a Resident or an NRI, an individual or institutional investor, you can expect international standard service by an efficient team which upholds the concept of customer centric realty!Each property proposed by us is a graded proposal assessed and approved by a panel of financial and real estate experts, after verifying all the necessary factors required to establish the ROI.You may request the proposal of ur requirement by contacting us on email , the entire proposal will be made available to you. Our property executives will connect with you and mandate your exact requirement to the inventory division.

Each proposal is a proud possessor of the three 'P's : Prime Location in a CBD or developing the area, Premium quality Building and Premium Quality Tenant( Lessee). We will walk you through the entire transaction, ensuring that it is seamless in the flow of information, due diligence, negotiation and the documentation processes.